we present the concept of well-being and tranquility

On the west coast of Portugal, Hillside House Suites & Spa is the place where you can enjoy some time for yourself or with the people you love.

At our Spa, you can discover harmony and relaxion with our treatments, specially developed for your well-being.

We open our doors, not only to guests of our accommodation, but also to external customers. Here you will find a range of treatments, massages and the innovative flotation therapy, carried out by the most qualified massage therapists. Its possible to do couple massage and flotation for two.


  1. Floatation Session

    Feel sensory deprivation and absence of gravity pressure. A tank that contains 500KG of Dead Sea salt, for 1000L of water. The salt has special ingredients which let us float effortlessly, comparable with being in the Dead Sea. The perfect environment to have full relaxation.

    Time: 60′

  2. Relaxing Package

    The perfect combination between the float session and relaxation massage will bring you the senselessness and the feeling of lightness, guiding you to the culmination of serenity.

    Time: 120′

  3. Relax Massage

    A well-balanced massage that soothes body, mind and soul, particularly developed to provide a general relaxation of the body in combination with all the senses, transporting you to a state of perfect wellbeing after a day of work. This treatment utilizes relaxing massage essential oil to achieve total harmony and serenity.

    Time: 60′

  4. Pregnancy Massage

    All the care and safety for you and your baby is the essencial at this massage, enjoy a relaxing massage that stimulates circulation and relieves pressure and discomfort. It is always tailored to every pregnant woman, where her well-being is the focus.

    Time: 60′

  5. Sports Massage

    It’s the right massage for lovers of strong pressure and intense rhythm. It is recommended after sports practice in order to reduce muscle tension and inflammation.

    Time: 60′

  6. Localized Massage

    Feelling the comfort of a localized massage after a walk or long hours on foot will provide you with well-being and relaxation. It involves intensive manipulation techniques that act on deep tissue layers to warm up, manipulate and release muscles.
    Body Areas: Back and Shoulders or Legs

    Time: 30′


– Our Spa is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

– Due to the limited number of treatment rooms, it is recommended to setup appointments 24 hours in advance.

– HH Spa reserves the right of not accepting children under 16 years old. If accepted the children has always to be accompanied by an adult.

Are you ready to have a relax moments? For more information please contact us.