we present the concept of well-being and tranquility


The experience of floating is an experience which shouldn’t be missed. The absence of the senses and the feeling of lightness, without feeling any weight for 1 hour is what we propose. The lack of stimuli, or any kind of noise, causes the body to adapt to the temperature, and this is what we present to our customers.

When entering the tank which holds 1000 liters of water and 500 kg of Epsom salt one has a feeling of freedom and weightlessness. The Epsom salt gives it the density necessary to float effortlessly. The body, free from the force of gravity, no longer distinguishes the temperatures between water and air, and the absence of stimuli allows us to reach a state of rest, absolute peace and tranquility.

This is how we open our doors not only to customers of our tourist enterprise, but also to external customers. At HH Spa you will find a range of treatments, with these being carried out by the most qualified therapists.


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Manicure & Pedicure

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