prevention and propagation control measures


Due to the current known situation of dissemination of the OVID-19 virus, we believe it is in everyone’s interest to create and implement new measures, as well as strengthen existing measures já́, in order to control its spread.

In this way, the Hillside House Suites & Spa has acquired cleaning and individual protection material which will reduce the risk of contagion between clients and employees, as well as the creation of new measures and procedures which will be followed as carefully as possible during our clients’ stay.

Features at Hillside House Suites & Spa and services provided

The Hillside House Suites & Spa is a Tourism Development in the local Rural Area composed by 5 apartments and 5 Suites.
The apartments have a totally independent entrance. All accommodations have private bathrooms, equipped kitchnette and private outdoor space.

The suites share the same entrance space, all of them having private bathrooms and 3 of the suites have private balconies. Outside there are several leisure areas that customers can enjoy. The cleaning of all the apartments and Suites is done daily, the bed linen is changed every 4 days in stays longer than 4 days.

Preserving the environment is a global responsibility, so whenever you have your towel(s) hanging it means “I will use it again; towel on the shower tray means”, please replace”.

Breakfast is always included in the rate for all customers. Breakfast is served on the balconies of the apartments and the suites overlooking the sea, at the time pre-scheduled by the guest. Clients of the mountain view suites will have breakfast in the breakfast room.

Protective and disinfection materials available for employees

– Disposable gloves;
– Reusable masks;
– Disposable aprons;
– Protective visor;
– Alcohol gel;
– Surface cleaning and disinfection products;
– Bleach.

Protective materials available for customers

– Alcohol gel, distributed by the enterprise in more than 8 duly identified points;
– Kit left in the room with 1 mask and 1 bottle of alcohol gel for each client

Communication before arrival

All clients with reservations at Hillside House Suites & Spa will be informed in advance by email/telephone that measures have been implemented to promote distance between the different clients and sanitary disinfection.
They will also be informed of the existence of a contingency plan to be followed in case of need and of the training of all officials in relation to the Protocol in force and also to the protective measures for COVID-19;

The customer will be asked, in case the reservation has been made through automatic channels where the card details have been provided, to give us permission to debit the entire stay through the card and the invoice will be sent by email;

All customers will be informed of the disinfection material they have at their disposal and will be encouraged to bring their own masks.


During check-in all common areas are made known to the client, as well as important information (care with cleaning the common areas, etc.);

At check-in you will be informed that the key to open the door of your apartment or suite is already on the door, explaining that it has been previously disinfected. After the check-out all keys will be disinfected.

It will be explained to the customer that due to the exceptional situation we live, haverá́ changes regarding the breakfast service. Like this:

  • You will be given a sheet with all the options we serve at breakfast, where you should put the time at which you want to have it;
  • From the options mentioned, you should select the ones you want to be served, in order to avoid waste;
  • Breakfast will be served at the time requested, with the type of service depending on the type of accommodation you are in.

You will be informed that the accommodation has relevant information at your disposal, such as in which areas of the house you can find the alcohol gel, the various contacts of the local restaurants, with the respective contacts that the customer can order and make the take-away, location of pharmacies, health centres, hospitals, etc.


Breakfast customer service
The customer will be informed immediately that if you are staying in an apartment or suite with sea view, the breakfast you selected in the sheet provided at check-in, será́ served on the balcony of the apartment or suite with sea view.

Breakfast preparation by employees
Employees preparing breakfast for the client should ensure correct hand washing as indicated by the Directorate General of Health (DGS) and the use of protective masks;

The preparation of containers of ham, cheese, fruit in which there is direct contact with the food must be done with the use of gloves;

All dishes will be collected with gloves after use and placed directly in the washing machine.

Accommodation Cleaning

Staff cleaning the accommodation should always wear disposable masks, aprons and gloves. At the end of each cleaning, the official shall ensure the correct hand and forearm washing.

Daily cleaning
Daily cleaning includes cleaning the floor, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom and changing trash;

The bathroom will always be the last to be cleaned and leach and surface disinfection products should be used;

The change of towels or dirty clothes, should be done using a bag, which after closed, will be sent directly to the laundry in the laundry area;

The garbage exchange will also be done using a bag, where the garbage will be placed and forwarded directly to the garbage area;

The breakfast baskets and dishes will be taken to the kitchen of the main building and placed immediately in the dishwasher, which after cleaning and disinfecting can be used the next day.

Cleaning between customer exits
In these cases, all laundry from the accommodation should be removed and bagged and taken immediately to the laundry area in the laundry room;

All dishes, utensils and small appliances should be washed with bleach or surface disinfectant;

All dishes in the bathroom should be washed with leachate, which will act while the rest of the accommodation is cleaned;

All surfaces should be cleaned with disinfectant from surfaces and always from top to bottom and from cleanest to dirtiest.

All controls (TV), switches and door handles should be cleaned with bleach or surface disinfectant.

Use of Common Spaces

The reading room is available, where all safety distances must be respected. This area will be cleaned regularly, using disinfectant products and leaching.

Haverá́ alcohol gel available in specific areas such as reception, lounge area, entrances to the main building and entrances to the apartments;

All handles, door handles, chairs, TV controls and switches shall be set regularly;

Use of Pool and Garden

The Hillside House Suites & Spa pool is saltwater and chlorine is produced by electrolysis, so we will keep the salt levels at the upper limit of the permitted range to ensure the maximum level of disinfection possible and recommended. Whenever necessary we will add hypochlorite so that all levels of hygiene and safety are met.

The areas surrounding the pools will be regularly disinfected with surface disinfection product;

Sun loungers will be allocated according to the capacity of each accommodation, these being duly identified with the name of the apartment/Suite and the necessary safety distance. The sun loungers will be regularly disinfected with surface disinfection product and will remain the same throughout the stay.

We call for responsible use of the pool and the Jacuzzi, and our staff have instructions to remove any towels or objects that are occupying the sun loungers for a long time, without the respective customers. This will allow you to disinfect the sun loungers.

It is recommended that safety distances be maintained between clients from the different accommodations within the pool and that responsible use be made of time in the water so that everyone can enjoy the pools without long waiting times.

It is recommended that you do not use the outdoor shower next to the swimming pools, instead each guest should use the shower from their own accommodation.

Treatment of Accommodation Clothes

Dirty clothes from each accommodation after being removed will be placed inside bags and transported to the laundry room. They will be kept inside the bags and placed in the washing machine as soon as possible;

All dirty laundry will be placed in the washing machine at 60º, with the minimum possible contact with the employee and using gloves;

If the clothes cannot be washed at 60º, será́ washed at 40º with disinfection cycle at the end.

Waste Treatment

The garbage will be removed from each accommodation daily using a bag, where the dirty garbage will be placed and forwarded directly to the garbage area. At the end of the day it will be taken to the nearest dumpsters.